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1921 graduating class, University of Illinois College of Medicine


1921 graduating class, University of Illinois College of Medicine
University of Illinois College of Medicine Class 1921

as pictured, left to right, top to bottom
* indicates photographed graduate not listed in June 13, 1921 Board of Trustees report
† indicates faculty/staff

William Harcourt Browne BS
Edle Lillian Bendeke BA
Julius Brams BS
Sofronio C. Zulaybar BS
Ernest Napoleon D’Alcorn BS
Neal Dow Crawford BS
William John Focke BS
Maxwell Julian Goldenson BS
Walter John Richard Heinekamp BS MS
Theodore Ross Van Pelt BS
Ralph Wesley Hoffman BS
Charles Owen Hershey
Ralph August Kordenat BS MS
Irwin Rubin BS
Hyman Ischia Spector BS
Irving Joseph Shapiro BS
Louis Jerome Wisch
Julius Rhodes BS
Lewis Albert Alesen BS
Leonard F. Weber
Ethel Esther Little AB BS
Maurice Louis Goodkind BA MD †
Oscar Eugene Nadeau BS MD †
Joseph C. Beck MD †
Maurice Lewison MD †
William Henry Welker CE PhD †
Frank Chauvet MD †
Frederick Tice MD †
David Kinley PhD LLD, Pres. †
Charles Spencer Williamson BS MD MS †
Cassius C. Rogers AB MDAM †
George Peter Dreyer BA PhD †
Norval Harvey Pierce MD †
Robert Wood Keeton BS MS MD †
Elmer DeWitt Brothers BS LLB †
Charles Edward Humiston MD †
Harold Barker Loughery BS
Samuel Glenwood Plice BS
Charles Mayer Jacobs MD †
Bernard John Cigrand BS †
Albert Edward Halstead MD †
Otto Herman Rohrlack MD PhG †
Charles Sumner Bacon PhB MD †
Rachelle S. Yarros MD †
William Henry Browne, Secy. †
Albert Chauncey Eycleshymer BS PhD MD, Dean†
Daniel Atkinson King Steele MD LLD †
Charles Herbert Phifer MD †
Albert John Ochsner BS MD LLD†
Edward Louis Heintz PhG MD †
Roy Lee Moodie AB PhD †
John Ross Harger BS MD †
Frank Smithies MD †
John Holly Jewell
Roger Edmund Pinkerton AB BS
Frank Donald Moore MD †
William Allen Pusey AM MD †
George Luther Davenport MD †
Josiah John Moore SB MS MD †
John Weatherson MD †
Charles Davison AM MD †
Mabel Louise Arneson, Asst. Secy. †
Metta May Loomis, Librarian †
David John Davis BS PhD MD †
Edward Vail Lapham Brown MD BS †
Raymond William McNeally MD †
Nelson Mortimer Percy MD †
Benjamin Franklin Lounsbury BL MD †
Walter Bradford Metcalf MD †
Anthony John Hospers
Arnold Carl Nickels BS
Hugh Alister McGuigan BS MD PhD †
Julius Hayes Hess MD †
Adolph Hartung MD †
Frederick George Dyas MD †
Henry Eugene Irish MD †
Harry Culver BS MS MD †
Ernest Sisson Moore PhB MD †
Karl Albert Meyer MD †
Joseph McIntyre Patton MD †
Henry Foster Lewis AB MD †
George Farnsworth Thompson BS MD †
Walter Charles Hammond MD †
Egan Walter Fischman MD †
William McIntyre Harsha BS BA MD †
Ruth Pierce Guilder BS
Rudolph J. Mroz BS
William Yonker BS
Channing Whitney Barrett MD †
Harold Douglas Singer MB MD †
Arthur Richard Elliott MD †
Francis Eugene Senear BS MD†
Carl Alfons Bacon BS
Harry Gordon BS
Jacob Herman Nemeroff
Clarence Charles Saelhof BS MS
Robert Henry Schroeder BS
Ingvald Johan Jensen BS
James Paul Johnston
Don Clayton Merrill BS
Harrison Bonwell Jewell BS
Adolph Kraft BS MS
Frank Leland Chenoweth BS
Homer Samuel Warren Jr. BS
John Fisher Gainer BS
Franklin Ransom Fitch BS
Philip L. Aries BS
Maurice Joseph Rosenberg BS
Milton Boyce Hebeisen BS
Frederick August Rettig BS
Howard Olney Dennis BS
Henry S. Testin
Raymond Ervin Mitchell
Casimir Frank Przypyszny BS
Oscar Benjamin Raginsky BS
Theodore August Rost BS
Dorrin Fred Rudnick
Paul White Rush BS
Irwin Gabriel Spiesman BS
Frank Stewart AB
Alfred Stanley Traisman BS
Abe Louis Levin
Herman Milton Soloway
Joseph Eli Laibe BS
Richard Clare Burkett BS
John Dwight Davis AB
Pedro Joaquin Dona BS
Paul Jones Bronson BS
Frank Raymond Richmond
John Spurgeon Coleman BS

Not pictured:
L. Benno Bernheimer