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1917 graduating class, University of Illinois College of Medicine


1917 graduating class, University of Illinois College of Medicine
University of Illinois College of Medicine Class 1917

as pictured, left to right, top to bottom
* indicates photographed graduate not listed in 1921 alumni record
† indicates faculty/staff

Louis Paul Dame
George Edward Sanders BS
Edward Charles Meggers
Francis Joseph Sauer
James Henry Ray
Shakir Elias Far
Hollace Rector Royster
Frank Wojniak
Basil Orman Hartwell
Newman Marion Sykes BS
Martin Bushnell Jelliffe
W. A. Baker *
James R. Thomas
Morris Baron Karatz
James Stevenson
Harry Sered
George Peter Dreyer AB PhD †
Channing Whitney Barrett MD †
Frank Donald Moore MD †
Daniel Nathan Eisendrath AB MD †
Nelson Mortimer Percy MD †
Albert John Ochsner BS MD †
Charles Davison MD †
Albert Edward Halstead MD †
John Lincoln Porter MD †
Charles Edward Humiston MD †
Frederick George Dyas MD †
Joseph McIntyre Patton MD †
Lincoln Harrison Norwood
Frederick Howard Falls AB MS MD †
Rachelle S. Yarros MD †
Otto Herman Rohrlack PhG MD †
Charles Sumner Bacon PhB MD †
Edmund Janes James PhD LLD, Pres. †
Charles Spencer Williamson BS MD †
Frederick Tice MD †
Edward Louis Heintz PhG MD †
Ernest Sisson Moore PhB MD †
Gustav John Hildebrand
Samuel Golub
Joseph C. Beck MD †
Frederick Gillette Harris MD †
William Allen Pusey AM MD †
Bernard Fantus MD †
Daniel Atkinson King Steele MD LLD, Dean †
William Edward Quine MD LLD †
Albert Chauncey Eycleshymer BS PhD MD †
Lee Harrison Mettler AM MD †
David John Davis PhD MD †
George John Lorch PhG MD †
George French Strother Cary MD †
Rafael A. Ramos
Spero M. Salpas
William Henry Welker AC PhD †
Haim Iddell Davis MD †
Julius Hayes Hess MD †
Elmer DeWitt Brothers MS LLB †
Adolph Gehrmann MD †
Norval Harvey Pierce MD †
Charles Herbert Phifer MD †
James Robinson Jeffrey Jr.
Harvey Louis Langlois BA
Josiah John Moore †
Charles Mayer Jacobs MD †
Richard Root Rupert MD †
John Brown Loring MD †
William Henry Browne, Secy. †
Casey Albert Wood AM MD †
Maurice Lewison MD †
Mary Gilruth McEwen MS MD †
Roy Lee Moodie AB PhD †
Maurice Aurelius Berge
Rudolph Charles Radabaugh BS
Waldo Emerson Golden BA, Ex. Comm.
Harry Webb Benjamin BA, Ex. Comm.
Herbert Victor Louis Sapper BA BS, Ex. Comm.
Harold Hershall Hughart, Ex. Comm.
Edwin Ralph May, Ex. Comm.
Clarence Willard Olson, Ch. Ex. Comm.
Samuel Brody Leiser, Ex. Comm. (formerly Samuel Brody Leiserwitz)
Henry James McCoy, Ex. Comm.
Leon Wade Martin, Ex. Comm.
Herbert Chapman Carothers, Ex. Comm.
Hartley Farnham Mars, Poet
A. C. Dvorak * (There is an Albert Charles Dvorak in the class of 1918)
Sixto Acosta Francisco, Asst. at Arms
LeCount Rochambeau Lovellette, Editor
James Craig Small BS, Val.
Edmund Amos Welden, Treas.
Mary Edith Williams AM, Secy.
Calton Barney Grissom, 1st Vice Pres.
Louis Iverson, Pres.
Isadore Pilot, 2nd Vice Pres. & Sal.
Virgil Martha Gilchrist BS, Historian
Adam Leo Szwajkart, Prophet
William Armstrong Byrnes, Serg’t. at Arms
Victor Scott Armstrong, Artist
Armand Kredel Sutch, Chaplain

Not pictured:
Howard E. Curl