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1918 graduating class, University of Illinois College of Medicine


1918 graduating class University of Illinois College of Medicine
University of Illinois College of Medicine Class 1918

as pictured, left to right, top to bottom
* indicates photographed graduate not listed in 1921 alumni record
† indicates faculty/staff
‡ indicates photo missing from composite

Ernest Sisson Moore PhG MD †
Charles Davison AM MD †
Albert John Ochsner BS MD †
Daniel Atkinson King Steele MD LLD †
Edmund Janes James PhD LLD, Pres. †
Charles Spencer Williamson BS MD †
Frank Smithies BS MD †
Frederick Tice BA MD †
David John Davis PhD MD † ‡
Otto Herman Rohrlack PhG MD †
Edward Vail Lapham Brown BS MD †
Frank Donald Moore MD †
Nelson Mortimer Percy BS MD †
William Edward Quine MD LLD †
Albert Chauncey Eycleshymer BS PhD MD † ‡
Joseph C. Beck MD †
Henry Eugene Irish MD †
Wesley John Woolston BS MD †
Edward Louis Heintz PhG MD †
George Peter Dreyer AB PhG †
John Lincoln Porter MD †
Charles Sumner Bacon PhB MD †
Julius Hayes Hess MD †
Frederick George Dyas MD †
William McIntyre Harsha MD †
Oscar Eugene Nadeau BS MD †
Philip Frank Shaffner MD †
Joseph McIntyre Patton MD †
Clayton S. Smith BS MS PhD †
Victor Emanuel Emmel MS PhD †
Lee Harrison Mettler AM MD †
Bernard Fantus MD †
Adolph Gehrmann MD †
William Henry Browne †
Rachelle S. Yarros MD †
Albert Edward Halstead MD †
Harold Douglas Singer †
Clyde Samuel Thomas AB AM
Richard Elseph Anderson BS
Lyle Leland Brown
James Edward Fetherston BS AB
Benjamin Quincy Dysart BS, 1st V. Pres.
Louis Francis Waldmann BS, Pres.
Thomas Berton Niles Murphy BS AB, 2nd V. Pres.
Harold Emery Hocum
Carter Neville Colbert
Luther Wilbur Loving
George William Schelm BS
F.M. Dryden (there is a Frank Merle Dryden listed in the class of 1919)
Fred Elton Carpenter BS
Clara Mary Ochs BS
Edward Frank Sladek BS
George Koptik BS
Francis Piaseczynski BS
David Lionel Liberman
Chester Henry Perkins BS
Josephine Kennedy AB, Val.
Arthur George Rieke BS, Treas.
Albert John Jongewaard BS, Ex. Comm.
Charles Edward Irwin AB, Ex. Comm.
Julian Barnett Marks, Ex. Comm.
Guy Leon Wagoner BS, Chair Ex. Comm.
Raymond John Mercey BS, Ex. Comm.
Orion Chester Jones BS, Ex. Comm.
Paul Robert Huber PhG, Ex. Comm.
Arthur Henry Orcutt AB BS, Sal.
Edna K. Sexsmith BS, Secy.

Not pictured:
Albert Charles Dvorak