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1919 graduating class, University of Illinois College of Medicine


1919 graduating class, University of Illinois College of Medicine
University of Illinois College of Medicine Class 1919

as pictured, left to right, top to bottom
* indicates photographed graduate not listed in Class of 1919 in 1921 alumni record
† indicates faculty/staff

Ernest Sisson Moore MD PhG †
Victor Emanuel Emmel, MS PhD †
Edwin Warner Ryerson MD †
Charles Mayer Jacobs MD †
Frederick Tice BA MD †
Albert John Ochsner BS MD †
William Edward Quine MD LLD †
Edmund Janes James PhD LLD, Pres. †
Daniel Atkinson King Steele MD LLD†
William McIntyre Harsha MD †
Frank Chauvet MD †
Edward Louis Heintz PhG MD †
Frank Smithies BS MD †
Charles Sumner Bacon PhB MD †
Hugh Alister McGuigan BS MD PhD †
G. W. Hall MD † *
Otto Herman Rohrlack MD PhG †
Charles Davison AM MD †
Frank Donald Moore MD †
Bernard Fantus MD †
Joseph McIntyre Patton MD †
Albert Chauncey Eycleshymer BS PhD MD †
Charles Spencer Williamson BS MD †
Philip Frank Shaffner MD †
David John Davis PhD MD †
Wesley John Woolston BS MD †
Edward Vail Lapham Brown MD BS †
Oscar Eugene Nadeau BS MD †
Harry Culver BS MD †
Nelson Mortimer Percy BS MD †
Henry Eugene Irish MD †
George Peter Dreyer AB PhD †
William Allen Pusey AM MD †
William Henry Browne †
Francis Eugene Senear MD†
Joseph C. Beck MD †
Frederick George Dyas MD †
Julius Hayes Hess MD †
Charles Herbert Phifer MD †
Rachelle S. Yarros MD †
Harold Douglas Singer MD †
Charles Robert McCrory Jr. BS
Regino Jesus Navarro AB
Winfred Peterson Dana BS
Walter Joseph Connell BS
Oswell E. Morin BS
Metodi Velitchkoff BS
William Turner Rogers BS
Joseph Andrew Schachter BS
Arthur J. G. Henderson AB BS, Sergt. at Arms
Samuel Azor Levinson BS, Secy.
David Solomon Beilin BS, 1st Vice Pres.
Earle Willbre Williamson BS, Pres.
John Howden Fraser BS MS, 2nd Vice Pres.
Robert Rowlaine Mustell BS AB, Treas.
Raymond Adam McDermott BS, Hist.
Edward Perry Vaughan
Hubbard Prather Saunders AB
Maurice Dorewitz
Ida L. Eby AB BS
Walker Ellsworth McCorkle PhB
Harry Louis Rose BS (formerly Harry Louis Rosenburg)
Hugh Stanley McGuinness BS, Poet
Max Eleazer Fisch BS, Artist
Grant Wood Sill AB, Chaplain
Wayne Bernard Granger AB BS, Ex. Comm.
Louis Peter Groos BS, Ex. Comm.
Clifford Oakley Armstrong BS, Ex. Comm.
Paul Louis Schroeder BS, Chair. Ex. Comm.
Robert E. Dyer BS, Ex. Comm.
Joe Oliver Peterson BS, Ex. Comm.
John William Hilbert BS, Ex. Comm.
Edwin Roy Eisler BS, Prophet
William Alexander Malcolm BS, Val.
Gertrude Evelyn Moulton AB BS, Sal.
G. A. Bairnson PhC *
Harold Aaron Kazmann
Sylvester Carl Kehl BS
Elmer Jacob Schmidt BS
Nelsen Kelliher Forster AB MA
Duane Willard Propst AB BS
Everett Clyde Kelly BS
H. M. Tharp BS * (There is a Herbert Milton Tharp listed in the class of 1920)
Clarence Leonard Whitmire BS
J. R. Greenfield * (There is a Jacob Rachmial Greenfield listed in the class of 1917 B. S. Degrees section of the 1921 Alumni Record)
G. L. Weaver * (There is a George Lynn Weaver listed in the class of 1917 B. S. Degrees section of the 1921 Alumni Record)
Herman Benzion Kipnis BS
Morris C. Marcus BS
Harold Storm Browne AB PhC MS
Harlow James Hanson BS
Arnold Phillip Gruenhagen BS
Paul Milton Hardinger BS
Nathan Henry Fox BS

Not pictured:
Frank Merle Dryden (there is an F. M. Dryden pictured in the 1918 composite)